Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I survived one round of testing 3 more to go. When I got home yesterday my head hurt so bad, its not used to thinking that hard. The last time I had to think that hard was 7 years ago in high school. I did 5 tests yesterday 2 reading ones and 3 math tests. I freaking hate math, it has always been one of my worst subjects, the others being History and science. Out of those three I do better in science, but not by much. Anyways I go back today and the first test I have to do, you guessed it, another math test!

On the plus side when I get done testing I get to go to moms and do laundry and have meatloaf for lunch. I know, I never thought I would be excited to do laundry but its such a brainless job that I am looking forward to it. I can just shut my brain down and let it recover from all the math I am going to have to do today. Plus I love meatloaf, it has always been my favorite meal that my mom makes. When I was little my mom would say I could eat my two favorite foods, meatloaf and potatoes and never get sick of them. You know what, I think she's right.

This day hasn't started out the best for me, I get up get my coffee and go to feed meme (Kramer the cat) and feed him his wet food with out a problem. The problem happened after I was done feeding him, a friend of my moms collects pop can tabs for some Charity or something , Well ok any metal tab thing like on a can of wet food, soup, pop, you get the idea. So I am wiggling the tab back and forth trying to get it to come off the lid when my thumb slips and goes sliding down the edge of the lid. Yup I sliced my thumb open with a lid from wet cat food. Its not a bad cut, it just bled for ever. It's now covered with a band-aid but still freaking smarts when I use my thumb. I'm just glad it wasn't my right thumb that would have totally sucked.

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