Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Man of my Dreams

I would like to know how I was so lucky to land Richard. He got me those flowers, just because he felt like it, and to show he loves me. I don't need flowers to know he loves me but he loves to buy me stuff. It hurts him that we don't have enough money for him to buy me more stuff then just flowers. He wants to be abe to buy me jewlery. I tell him over and over again he doesn't have to buy me anthing that all he has to do is love me, but he doesn't listen. Not that I'm complaining I love it when he buys me flowers, but I don't want him thinking he HAS too.
I have to admit I feel like I am the luckiest girl out there, to have guy like him. Richard is just so sweet and caring. When I'm sick he refuses to let me do anything but sit on the couch and relax so I can get better faster, he will bring me drinks and food and anything I want when I'm sick. I have to force him to go to work if I'm sick cause he wants to stay home and take care of me. Mind you this is only when its something worse than a cold, but still its sweet. He makes me feel like a queen and that I have married a king. I love him so much, I just want to know how was I so lucky to get him?

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Jane said...

I officially hate you. ROFL! You deserve it, girl! Gorgeous flowers!!!