Friday, March 13, 2009

DVR Update, Trip to California and a treadmill

I am able to get help from DVR, I got a letter in the mail earlier this week saying that I was disabled enough to qualify for their help. My next meeting with my councelor there is on March 25th. So I am headed in the right track I guess.

Depending on how much the PFD (money us Alaskans get) is this year Richard and I are going to go down to Califonia to visit his grandparents in December. They throw a Christmas Party every year and both Richard and I would like to go to at least one of them. we would be gone from the 4th till about the 18th of December. I am actually looking forward to going, I think it's going to be a lot of fun. They also have offered to show us some of the sights around where they live. So I'm hoping that we get at least a thousand dollars in this years PFD. We will also be saving a little money all year so we can have some spending money while we are down there. One thing I would like to try and do while down there is get to Long Beach, they live in Sacramento so its a long shot. The reason being is that my friends Larry and Judy live down there. I met them because they are Dianes Brother and mother. Diane wanted to see me with long hair but never got a chance too cause she died 5 years ago, I started growing my hair out in 2002 because she wanted me to and have refused to cut it till I can see Larry and Judy in person. I guess I figured if Diane couldn't see me with it at least her family could.

Richard and I bought a treadmill on Tuesday, then returned it on Tuesday and got our money back. We bought it at Sam's Club brought it home and the back foot/leg thingy was broken so we wanted to trade it for a none broken one but we wanted to check the next one before we brought it home but they won't let you open it unless it is bought already. I demanded my money back, cause I wasn't going to take the risk of taking another one home to have it turn out the same way. We had gotten the better looking box of the three that where there too so we could only imagine what the other ones looked like. so now we are waiting for our money to be credited back to our account and part of it is going to go into the savings account to start our trip fund.

Anyhoo I'm off to go eat breakfast then do my daily chores.

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