Monday, March 2, 2009

DVR Testing and Power outage

At 9am I go to DVR to take some academic testing to see what I know and what I don't know. I have to do this testing for the next 4 days. I'm not looking forward to it, i haven't taken a test since freaking high school. I know it's to get an idea of what I know to help them help me to get a job but its a pain for me. I have to find a way there and a way back, mom is taking me there today and Richard will pick me up today. Tomorrow and Wednesday mom will take and pick me up then on Thursday it will be like today she drops off and he picks up.

I thought DVR was supposed to help me, so far all they are doing is causing Richard to miss work so I get to them. This week just so happens that I get done when he takes lunch so this week won't be bad but, he is my main transportation and I can't have him leaving work early to get me to my appointments with them cause that takes money away from us. They are supposed to be helping us get money by helping me get a job and right now they are taking it away from us.

The power went out this mornin right after I decided to get up, I was getting my coffee ready to be drank and the appartment goes dark, at first I thought it was Richard trying to be funny but he was like nope not me the power went out. It was out for a good 20 minutes. I had nothing to do but sit at the table and drink my coffee in candle light.

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Jane said...

Just stick with the DVR thing. It'll pay off in time. I forgot...why don't you drive again? Maybe that's something you can learn this year.

I hate when the power goes out. I have to reset everything, and the stupid cable box on the TV completely resets. Blah!