Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Weigh in

Yes I know, you're all thinking but you weigh in on Thursdays not Wednesdays whats the deal? The deal is I have my godfather coming over for dinner tonight and I have told him about my diet and wanted to give him an update tonight about how much I have lost, so this morning when I got up I pulled the scale out hoping against all hope that I didn't mess myself up to badly going to the fair. Plus still haven't made it back to the gym because of Sunday's 7 1/2 hours walking at the fair. (legs are a little sore). Anyways, got onto the scale and drum roll please *pauses* I have lost another 5 pounds!!!! that puts me at a total of 19 pounds gone! WOOT!

1 comment:

Jane said...

Wooo! That's so good! I'm very happy for you! :)

So what do they have at your fair again? Snowball fights and polar bears, right? Hahahaha.