Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday weigh in

Its Thursday, do you know what that means? it means its time for the weekly weigh in. I am always nervouse before stepping on the scale cause I never know if it will make me happy or depress the hell out of me. All the last Thursdays that have passed have been good Thursdays, the scale was in my favor showing me I have lost a few pounds maybe two since the week before each time. So all good there. Today I was expecting more of the same going I will be happy to know I have lost a total of 10 pounds, meaning I would of only lost 2 more pounds. I pulled the scale out of the closet, close the bathroom door and step on, with my eyes closed, wait a few minutes then looked down. I was in shock, total and complete shock, I just stood there staring at the number it showed, like this couldn't be right, but it was. After weighing myself one more time to make sure the scale wasn't lying and getting the same number I put the scale back in the closet and opened the bathroom door. Once I got into the hallway I did a dance of Joy. Yup Joy I have lost a total of you ready for this, remember last week was 8 pounds, this week its a total of 12 pounds!!! which means I lost 4 pounds this week!!!!!

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