Thursday, August 21, 2008

tipping the scale

(I thought I would dress up the usual Thursday entry with a pretty flower)

I haven't been able to exercise this last week due to Richard having to do practically an entire week of over nights at work, which sucked because not only did I not get to exercise I didn't sleep well either. I realized last night that today was Thursday and that I was due for a weigh in. I figured since I didn't go work out at all last week or any of this week that I was bound to have gained weight back. At best I wouldn't have lost any weight but not gained any either. I decided not to dwell on it till after I found out the results of the weigh in. I pretty much stuck to not eating a lot and only when I was hungry so I figured I wasn't to bad off.

So per usual on Thursday mornings I got up walked into the bathroom and pulled the dreaded scale out of the closet, stepped onto it and waited for the news. I didn't know if it would be good new or bad news but I knew it would be news. It was good news! I lost another 2 pounds so that puts the grand total of pounds loss to 14 pounds!!!!!!! I figure at ever 10 pounds lost I will take a picture so that means when I reach a total of 20 pounds there will be another picture of Moi on here.

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Deb H said...

I think I need to take a little inspiration from you Steph. I have been trying hard to just NOT gain this time while I'm off work. Last surgery I gained 15#! I'm doing better this time, but would like to be loosing some more.

Your photos are lovely BTW!