Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Art for the walls and Screen Doors

I took these three pictures at the old apartment last Fall and fell in love with them and knew at some point in time I wanted to do something with them but I didn't know when or what. Well I have been wanting to get some art for the apartment we are in now. I have been looking at some stores found a few things I liked
but wasn't really sure about, or were way to expensive. Then it hit me I could get these three pictures printed out and then buy frames for them and hang them next to one another on the wall. I was able to take my memory card from my camera to Fred Meyers today and get them printed off. I got them in the 5x7 size and then mom and I found a frame that will hold all three of them and will look great! I have to wait till friday to get the frame but I can't wait. I also got some pictures of Kramer printed and some other ones that I took on a trip to Potters Marsh. I will get them framed and hung on the wall too. The only reason the black and white one is so small is because I was going to use it as an avatar at one of the websites I frequent but haven't gotten around to doing so yet.

Richard has to work two overnight shifts on Wednesday and Thursday, I hate when he has to work overnights cause I never sleep very well at all. I have gotten used to falling asleep to his snorring so when he isn't in bed next to me I don't sleep very well. He has to do the over nights because he has to down stock and clean and paint the floor behind the paint desk at Lowe's. I have no clue what I am going to do with out him those nights.

Mom finally decided to get a new screen door for the front door of the house. Its this really cool door that its screen is connected to the glass so when you want the screen you push the glass down and the screen rolls down and when you don't want the screen you lift the glass back up. Me desribing the door doesn't do it justice I will post a picture of it, once it gets installed. Richard and I are going to get the same screen door in October for the apartment as well. Our land lord says we have to choose and buy the door but they will put it in and do all the upkeep on it but it stays with the apartment when we move out and if we break it we have to buy a new one. Its a pretty good deal if you ask me, plus it will help keep the apartment cooler durring the summer and gives us another door to help keep Kramer from getting out, and gives him another window to look out off. So when we get it in October we will get it installed in Spring.

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