Friday, June 14, 2013

Singing HOT HOT HOT!

So far this June has been very nice and hot we have been in the low to mid 70's most days. Now I know a lot of people in the lower 48 are thinking you call that hot? its like 90 here! YES up here 75 is HOT! You don't believe me feel free to come up here and try it out. It is a very intense heat. I'm not really complaining to much about it getting to 75 I can deal with that here in Anchorage cause I lived out in Wasilla and they tend to run 10 degrees hotter then here and yeah that's not fun either. But poor ole Anchorage is about to hit the 80's. It's not unheard of but hasn't happened in a very long time. Our last couple of summers have been cool and rainy this one seems to want to be hot. Which isn't good cause it's Wildfire season up here.

  Our apartment is like a sweat box in the summer, when it's 70-75 outside it's at least 80 in here, that's with all our windows open and fans on. It only cools down in here after midnight then starts warming up again around noon. You say well you didn't mention that your front door is open why not open it to get some air in? Well we don't do that because of Kramer, he is an indoor cat that wants to go outside, and we don't have a screen door soo yeah escape cat. Now if he has melted to the floor and isn't moving I will open the door for a few minutes with me sitting right next to it so I can stop him if he decides to try and get out. The only draw back to this is I let the evil mosquitoes in. They are bad this year and I react badly to their bites and have already been eaten alive and it's only JUNE!

I'm writing this blog because there is actually a Severe Weather Alert for us because it's going to get into the 80's in the next few days. 80's! which means our apartment will be like 85-90. I will be melted on the floor next to the cat!  My poor albino self will burn outside, prob even with sun screen on. It's a good thing We get to go food shopping today, we are going to get a bag of ice. We don't have ice trays so we just buy bagged ice. I will be putting ice in the cats water dish to help keep him cool.

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