Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Can Knit Daisies!

Knitted Daisy
I have been looking for a pattern for knitted flowers for months now, one that was easy to do as I am still quite the beginner with knitting. It is actually rather hard to find knitted flower patterns to begin with, I found tons of crochet ones but then finally found 2 patterns for knitting on Pinterest, that seem pretty simple/easy to follow/do.

I decided to try the one for knitted daisies first as it seemed like it would be less work and faster to complete. So I wrote down the instructions/pattern for it since I don't have a printer and got to work. My first attempt went wrong as it didn't look like it should. I thought I had counted wrong when binding off in the middle of the row. So first I called mom at work but she was busy so I took to the internet again. Found out I did in fact count right, so I went back to the blog where I got the directions from and read them from there to see if I somehow missed a step while writing it down. I didn't, I then went to the comments and someone else had had the same problem so the author of the blog went into more detail on one of the steps. I then figured out where and how I goofed up. So I started the project again and nailed it on the second go around as you can see from the above picture. It is in fact super easy and super quick to do. I can see myself making these for knitted projects in the future.

I have another pattern to try out but I will attempt that one a different day as it is a bit more work then this one is. I will post about it once I try it out.

Yes I know two posts in one day, very rare thing to happen here but I just had to share my success with all of you who read my blog.

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