Friday, June 7, 2013

Pool Shark

Richard and I celebrated our anniversary on Wednesdayby going out to Ramonos for dinner, the food was amazing! They gave me so much food I had to bring some of it home and ate it Thursday for lunch. We both didn't want to go home so Richard ran the food into the apartment and came out with our pool ques. We haven't played pool in over a year and it just sounded like a lot off fun so off to Beluga Billiards we went. We ended up playing for 6 hours and didn't get home till after 1am. We had such a blast.

Richard was supposed to have Thursday off because he works tomorrow, but he got called into work from noon till 6pm. I got to hang out with two friends of mine at La Mex for about an hour. Richard met up with us then when we all parted ways him and I went and played some more pool. Not as long as the day before but we still had fun. I think we will be going more often now as it's not all that expensive to go, 15 bucks total and no time limit.

Tomorrow I will be hanging out with mom while Richard is at work, not sure what all we are going to do but it will be nice to hang out with someone. She has been working way to much lately so we will prob be taking it easy. Then Sunday I think at least Richard and I are going to go to a baseball game, mom and my brother might come too. Which is cool cause I know my brother likes to watch baseball on tv so he should enjoy going to a local game.

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