Thursday, December 22, 2011

Worst Christmas Gift EVER!

I wish I could say it was a pair of sock or underwear, which my parents always told us we were getting for birthdays and Christmas. But sadly that is not the case, I just got the worst Christmas gift ever, what is it? Well I got a freaking cold!!! It has been months, since I have been sick I was thinking I would make it to 2012 before getting sick again, nope I get a Christmas cold. So far it's not so bad, just a really runny nose and a tad bit of a sore throat, mostly caused by the fact that I have snot running down the back of my throat. Other then that I'm just tired and feel like napping all day which I wont allow myself to do and lack of appetite all which is normal when I get sick.

Tomorrow Richard and I head down to Ninilchik, to see his sister Bobbie and spend Christmas Eve with her and their parents. Should be a lot of fun. I am taking the scarf I am knitting for Richard with us, so I have something to do while there. I figure with the knitting I can be doing something and still visiting, where as with a book I would be in my own little world. I thought about bringing down the blanket I'm knitting but I have to really concentrate on it cause of the pattern and I wouldn't be very good company with it. I don't have to think with the scarf, just knit so it's the winner.

I finally finished up my brothers Christmas gift and got it all wrapped up. I have to say it turned out pretty good. I think he will totally like it. Since mom reads my blog at home I will wait until after Christmas to post a picture of it, you never know he might come up the stairs when she is looking at the pic and then the surprise is ruined.

Well that's all for now, I will be back to writing a blog after Christmas.

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Jane said...

Feel better soon!