Saturday, December 17, 2011

Goodbye M.

Yesterday morning was interesting to say the very least. I'm not torn up over what happened either, in reality I'm glad it happened the way it did, cause it doesn't make me out to be the bad person and feel guilty about it. I had a "friend" who I knew for years, we stopped talking for awhile cause I just couldn't take it anymore for a while and I felt bad about the way I "ended" it and about a year later I started talking to her again. Thing between us had improved a little and she wasn't bugging me the way she had. Well that all changed a couple of months ago when I made a scarf for a different friend of mine and she got jealous. She had asked me awhile back to make her a scarf but would never tell me the colors she wanted so I could make it. Any ways I guess it just went down hill from there. Cause I'm not mean enough to name her we will call her M.

I'm not made of money, so I spread out buying Christmas gifts through out the year for friends. I have a friend who's birthday falls only days before Christmas so I send her a box every year of a few gifts for her birthday and Christmas. This year I was able to buy her a sweatshirt from the local hockey team as one of her gifts. I sent off this box thinking nothing of it, cause I was making M her scarf for her as her Christmas gift. Well I was tagged on a picture in Facebook of my friend wearing her new sweatshirt I got her. I again think nothing of this besides sweet she likes it!

Well yesterday I was talking to M and she wanted to know if I had saved her some Christmas cookies for her. I had told her no, since she had changed when she was coming up to visit cause they wouldn't still be good by the time she got up here. Well that was the last straw for her I guess, She ranted at me about how I spend all this money on other friends and bought one a sweatshirt, but I wouldn't do anything for her and that she was through with this friendship. I was talking to her on yahoo messenger and she signed off and blocked me on Facebook. I'm thrilled by this, cause who needs a friend like M anyways!

I told this story cause I'm totally floored by the fact that she was truthfully that petty about the fact that I sent a different friend of mine gifts. I know now that she wasn't really a friend if she just wanted to be a friend to just get stuff. She acted like I wasn't allowed to have any other friend but her. I honestly feel kinda bad for her, cause she will live a very lonely life if she continues to act like this. This will be the last time I will ever think about or talk about M. I do hope that eventually M does get all she wants out of life, and that she finds true happiness some day.

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Jane said...

That's so dumb. Sounds like you are better off.