Thursday, December 15, 2011

Catching Up

December 10th would have been my dad's 65th birthday if he was still with us. Richard mom and I went to an Alaska Aces hockey game that day and the Aces won 6-1 against Utah. There was tons of fight and the Utah coach got a game misconduct and got kicked out for the rest of the game. Dad would had loved that hockey game.

Mom took this week off from work, which she really needed to do cause she has been working way to much per usual with her. This has been nice for both of us cause she gets to relax and unwind from work and I get to spend time with her during the day while Richard is at work. Monday we did a little running around, Tuesday we just hung out at her house and I watched her work on a project, yesterday we made Christmas Cookies. We got started late making the cookies so it was an all day thing, but we still had fun and this year went a lot smoother then years past. Not sure what we will be doing today or Friday.

This weekend will be peppermint bark making frenzy, but before I can do that I need to get a new cookie sheet or 2. The one we have had for the last 7 years sucks to use, I have hated that thing for years. Mom and I used it once yesterday and she even said it sucked and that we weren't going to use it again. I have 11 batches of bark to make, luckily enough for me Richard has said he will help me out a bit by breaking up the peppermint for me. I don't mind doing it at all, I just think he wants to pound on something.

Also this weekend I need to finish up making my brothers Christmas gift, It's almost done, I just keep putting it off cause other things kept coming up. and it wont take me that long to do either so I know I could truly get it done the night before Christmas but I want it done sooner then that.

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