Sunday, October 9, 2011

What a week

This last week has been a rather busy one for us. Monday I hung out with mom and helped her pick out some fabric for one of the two quilts she is making at the moment. It took us going to 4 quilt/fabric stores to find the fabric that I wanted for the quilt and I'm super glad that we found it cause it will look amazingly cute when done. Tuesday we had to go to Joann Fabrics to get you guessed it more fabric for said quilts, then Richard and I helped mom haul some furniture, then we took her old couch and an old mattress of ours to the dump, then we went to the first of 2 Aces hockey games called paint the rink pink, where all the money raised goes to cancer research. Wednesday was the 2nd game of paint the rink pink, by the way the Aces won both games!!! Thursday was pfd day, we got our money and then went shopping, cause we wanted to get it done and over with before the weekend and all the stores being crazy busy like they are when the pfd's come out every year. Friday was Richards birthday, we went out to dinner at Outback with mom, Yesterday Richards parents treat us and mom to dinner at the Glacier Brew House, where we ran into our Friend Jenny who was having dinner with her hubby celebrating her birthday which was on the 4th. Today was laundry day, but other then that more relaxing then any other day this last week.

Richard and I both got iPod touches and I gotta say I am really liking them a lot. It can do everything the iPhone can but make calls. Mine has been going pretty much everywhere with me and I use it to get online to check in on Facebook if there is a wifi hotspot. Other then that we bought a few movies/tv shows that we like and got some food with our PFD money.

In other news, I'm not sure if I am coming down with an ear infection or not, my left ear is bothering me at the moment but I don't know if that is just my ear acting up or if it is the start of the ear infection. It feels like someone is poking my eardrum with a pin. I will decide when I wake up in the morning tomorrow if I need to go in or not. Richard is coming down with a cold and has been coughing and sneezing for the last 2 days. Nothing too bad so he will prob get over it in the next day or two.

Still no word on a full time job with Home Depot yet.


Jane said...

I hope you hear from Home Depot soon!

I ordered an iPhone, so we will have to play Words with Friends! :)

Tara Ann said...
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Tara Ann said...

glad u got ur IPOD