Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Priming Job and apartment

On Saturday Richard, his mom and I painted mom's living room with primer, we did 2 coats of the stuff on Saturday then Richard and I came back on Sunday and put a 3rd coat on. It took three coats of primer to cover up the paint my dad chose over 18 years ago. Yesterday Richard and I went back and put her living room back together again. It's tons brighter in there now which is nice, the only part we didn't paint was the stair ways, we figured that would wait till Richards dad fixes the one wall.

We are still waiting to hear from Home Depot about Richard getting a full time job with them, he has applied for a few but they go so freaking slow about interviewing for the positions it's driving me crazy. We are waiting on them about moving cause he applied for a job at the Home Depot by where we live now and if he gets that one and we can afford to stay here why not cause he will be really close to work. But we can only wait for so long before we will decide to move. We did find an apartment complex we wouldn't mind living in, it's cheaper then where we are now, only draw backs are the location cause its kinda out of the way so if mom was to pick me up it would take longer, and it's only 1 bedroom. On the bright side the complex allows cats as is, they don't need to be declawed. I can't believe how many places here will allow cats but they have to be declawed and fixed with proof from your vet. I wouldn't declaw Kramer now because he is so used to having his claws, nor would a vet declaw him because he is old. I wish people were not so against people having pets when renting out places.

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