Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just my luck

So I totally jinxed myself with my last blog. I'm sick yet again and you guessed it, it's another sinus infection. I have an appointment at 2:30 today to get meds for it, before mom leaves to go on another trip. At least this time I got it before she left and not after she left, makes life a little easier. Now if I could just find something to take the pressure away till the appointment I would be happy.

There is officially snow on the mountains now, so winter is just a few short weeks away. We haven't gotten cold enough at night to frost over yet but we are getting there. We prob wont get any actual snow on the ground till prob end of October, first of November but I could be wrong, that is just my guess at this moment in time. It has been a pretty cool fall so who knows.

Today at 11am we Alaskans get to find out how much our PFD is going to be this year. Richard and I have decided our big money buy is going to be a new bed. We keep putting it off every year saying we can go one more year but we can't do that this year as our bed is in really sad shape and both of us are having problems falling asleep and getting a good nights sleep once we do fall asleep. Other then that I think we are going to try and save the rest of the money.

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