Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's worth it in the end.

This last weekend Richard was out in the valley helping his dad put floor down in a house he is working on and I stayed home here in Anchorage. It was the first time in years that Richard and I spent the weekend away from each other. Saturday I pretty much stayed home and just was kinda lazy besides having to clean up broken glasses that Kramer broke and pieces went everywhere then I went and helped mom pick out some fabric and was brought back home. Sunday I spent the day with mom cause I had to do laundry, we ended up going up to Deb's house to drop off a quilt project my mom finished. While on the way up to Deb's place mom got called saying she had to be at work by 3 for an endo case at 4. So she dropped me off on her way to work and I watched some dvds and ended up going to bed at about 11 cause I was dog tired.

I was so tired Sunday because I didn't go to bed till 2am on Saturday cause I wasn't tired/couldn't sleep because Richard wasn't there snoring next to me. Plus some drunk SOB called my cell phone 4 times at 4 am. So the sleep was much needed.

Yesterday however I was Bored out of my mind all day. Mom had gotten called into work bright and early and as it turns out didn't get to bed till midnight, so she spent all day at the hospital. Richard didn't get home till after 8pm and my usual chat buddy during the day went on a hike with her boyfriend since they both had the day off. So that left me to fend for myself in stuff to do, I played video games watched some dvds, went back to video games, got onto the computer but nothing held my attention for very long. When Richard finally did get home he took a shower, messed around on the internet then went to bed. so I got maybe 30 minutes with him last night.

All this week he has to go out to the valley and work with his dad, once he gets done with his job at Home Depot. So basically he goes from work to the valley, I don't get to see him till he gets home at night. I keep telling myself the extra money is worth it, and it is. This week is just going to be very long.

Tonight Richard and I are taking mom to the airport so she can go down to Philly till the 12th of the month. Then later this month she is going down to Oregon I believe as well for some nursing conference so she is a busy traveler this month.

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Jane said...

The money is worth it! Just hang in there. :)