Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lumberjack Squirrel Revival

I went to the State Fair on Saturday, went with Richard, mom and my brother, it was fun. The weather behaved too, it was cloudy and windy so a tad cold but it didn't rain. While at the fair we all went to the lumberjack show that is done every year. Richard and I have kind of made it a tradition to go to it every year cause its so fun to watch cause of the corny jokes. It's about a 45 minute show and all of us were having fun.

The show was about done there were only a few things left for them to do and they wheeled the wheel barrel out that holds the hare chairs in it that they make to sell. Well in said wheel barrel there was a squirrel that was hiding out. There is a little wood building that they have there at the set that they use for 2 weeks out of the year and the rest of the year it's the squirrels home well the poor thing didn't know what to do so I guess it hid in the wheel barrel. Anyways, the squirrel got spooked by having the wheel barrel move on him and jumped out when it stopped moving and then didn't know where to go or what to do with its self. So it took off into the audience to find a place to hide. It ran across peoples laps, jumped off people, I mean this thing was booking it, people were screaming, including me. Why me? well it bounded of the lady in front of me, and was headed right at me so I scream and jump up, it missed me and was headed straight at Richards face, he was sitting behind me. He put his arm up to protect his face and the squirrel bounded off his side ran behind us and got away. It was quite a sight to see really. Sadly no one got it on video cause everyone agreed it would have been a youtube smash.

That whole thing reminded me of the Ray Stevens song Mississippi Squirrel Revival. I mean if you have ever heard that song you can just pretty much picture what happened at the lumberjack show.

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