Monday, August 1, 2011

Going for Broke

It's August, lots of things can happen this month and a few things already have. First the stuff that can happen, after the 13th or 15th of the month Richard will have been at Home Depot for 6 months. This means that he can apply for a full time position. I have told him to apply to any Home Depot here in town or the one out in Wasilla if there is a position that he wants there. If he does apply and get a full time job at the one out in Wasilla it means we will be moving out to the valley. I am totally fine with moving out there again, cause this time we won't be living with his parents. But that's all up in the air for now, he would have to get a job out there first. Depending on where he gets the job and how much he makes, we still might end up moving cause if he doesn't make enough that we can cover all our bills and rent we will need to find a cheaper place to live, as it is right now my mom has been nice enough to help us out by covering our rent and she can't afford to do it much longer and I don't want her to have to. I am truly grateful she has done it this long.

Today also starts what Richard and I have called the eating like we are broke cause we are phase of life. Not that we were wasting food, but we hardly had left overs, depending on what was made for dinner. So basically we are going to make our food last longer by eating less at a meal and having left overs for lunch and dinner the next couple days depending on what we make. This will be good for us cause not only will our food last longer we will be eating less and might actually lose weight.

Today is probably going to be a very long day, I have been up since 3am and not by choice, I was woken up by my stomach being upset then I just couldn't get back to sleep. I might end up taking a nap at some point in time today, which I'm fine with if it happens, if it doesn't it just means I will probably crash really early tonight. Hopefully if I do take a nap I can actually get more then just like 10 minutes then have maintenance show up to install the new dishwasher. It never fails that as soon as I take a nap they decide to show up. Oh well can't really complain cause I will be getting a new dishwasher.


Anonymous said...

hoping everything works out!

Jane said...

Sounds like you have a good plan going for everything. That's always the most important part! :)