Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dinner Disaster

The story I'm about to tell starts with me getting a gift card from my godfather to Applebee's for my birthday, it ends with said gift card being left on the table with me telling the manager to take it and know that Richard and I will never set foot in there again. I'm missing the middle of this story so let me go there and then you will know why we choose not to go back.

I was originally going to make dinner tonight but I thought it would be nice to go out and hey got a gift card and a few spare bucks laying around so why not. I run the idea past Richard and he goes for it, so off we go to AppleBees for what we thought would be a good dinner, boy were we wrong. We get seated by the hostess who looks like she has raccoon eyes or two very black eyes, her eye makeup is just horrid, not to mention she has flaming red hair, but to each their own. Our waiter comes over we go to order drinks only to find out the ones we want we can't have because the machine that makes them is broken, no biggie so we stick to water, before we can tell him we want an appetizer he has turned around and is talking to the people sitting across from us who were sat before us, again no biggie. He takes off then about 5-10 minutes later he shows up with our waters and takes our orders, and off he goes again not to be seen till he shows up again with our appetizer which show up in a timely manner and then off he goes. We finish our appetizer, the plate goes away and we wait for our dinners to show.

While we are waiting for our dinners, the people across the way who ordered just a minute or two before us get their dinners and are eating, so we figure in just a couple of minutes ours will come out. We wait and we wait and we wait, we haven't seen our waiter since he brought out the other tables food, time is ticking by and we are getting hungry and impatient, finally about 15-20 minutes have gone by and here comes our waiter saying he didn't know what happened but our food would be out in 2 minutes then off he goes to where ever he has been hiding. But before he goes he asks if he can get us anything like chips or something while we wait, we say no and I say that this is by far the worse service I have ever gotten from there. Our food is dropped off and we begin to eat our dinners (which weren't all that good) a few minutes later he comes back to tell us our meals have been comped. Ok well that's a way for making up for the crappy service.

We finish up our meals and are sitting there cause we aren't sure if we have to pay for the appetizers or if everything was comped The manager who we haven't seen because she has been back in the kitchen shows up to clear our plates and again says that our meals are comped so I ask well do we owe anything and she says no and that she asked the waiter what happened and he told her that he FORGOT TO PUT IN OUR ORDERS! I'm floored by this cause he had told us he didn't know what happened, so we were lied too, we are getting up ready to leave and I throw the gift card onto the table and tell her to keep it cause we are never going to come back. She says Mam, it was just the waiters fault, it had nothing to do with the kitchen or me. Really, Really? she is going to sit there and pass it off as the waiters fault? That's just not right, I have had some pretty crappy service from restaurants and the managers always take the blame they never sit there and go oh well it was his fault. I looked at her said I didn't want to hear it and walked off.

I do feel bad for wasting my godfathers money, and I should have just held onto the card and gave it to someone else but I was pissed and wanted to leave. I am just floored at that manager and the fact that the waiter freaking forgot to put our order in, I mean if he is going to forget to put orders in he shouldn't be a waiter. But there is my story I think I'm going to go have a piece of cake that I made earlier today then maybe a nice relaxing bath.

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