Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lunch Limbo Anyone?

I'm sitting here starving, I can literally hear my stomach growling, why don't I get up and make food to eat? Well because nothing sounds good. I have dinner all figured out but lunch well lunch is throwing me for a loop today. I hate when this happens, I think of all these things I could eat and go, meh doesn't sound appetizing at all, I will end up going into the kitchen staring at food for like ever then just decide that what ever my hand lands on that's what's for lunch no mater what.

Richard has put in for a few full time positions with Home Depot, so we are just waiting to see if he gets one or not. 1 position is here in town and he would be working at all 3 stores here in town, basically one day be at this store the next day at this one and so on. The other 2 positions he applied for are out in Wasilla, one is the paint department manager and the other is working in receiving. Richard has experience in all 3 positions, so hopefully he gets one of them.

Meanwhile, We are kinda in limbo, we need to find a cheaper place to live but can't really look for one till we know if we are looking out in Wasilla or here in Anchorage. Well we can look and we do but can't do anything else but that, cause I don't want to sign a lease here in town then have him get one of the jobs out in Wasilla. So once again we are in the wait and see game.

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Jane said...

Hope you figure out where you will be living soon! :)

And I totally do the food thing, too! Haha.