Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jury Duty Week

This week is my Jury Duty week and so far so good, haven't had to go in yet. Just have to call in today and tomorrow then I will be done. This is of course if they don't call me in for a case. In other news I'm pretty much back to being healthy, my cough is still hanging around but is just like a normal cough now, so no more barking for me. I also seem to have my hearing almost all the way back again so that is nice as well, I hate having to ask people to repeat themselves so I can hear them. The down side of me being better, mom now has the cold.

In bummer news, Richards hours are being cut back down to 22 hours a week again. They have hired 2 new people for him to train for his job. I wish they would give him a permanent full time job there already. I'm getting frustrated with them, it takes them no time at all to find replacement people for people that leave but take their sweet ass time filling other positions that Richard has applied for. We had decided a while back to give them till January then I think he will start looking for other places to work, while I find a cheaper place for us to live.

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