Thursday, June 9, 2011

The week of Blahs

I haven't had any energy this week. Yesterday I managed to get the dishes done and today I picked up the living room but I still have stuff I need to get done and here I sit with no desire to do them. I hate when I get this lazy. I ended up having to put Kramer in kitty time out this morning cause he wasn't letting me get my work done at all, he kept getting under foot and then getting mad at me when I would step on him or trip over him, so I locked him in the spare room for about an hour so I could get the living room picked up.

I have been dealing with dizzy spells again this week. I hate when I get them. I do the exercises that the doc told me to do a few years ago when I first got them and they go away. but this time they seem to be hanging on a bit longer. I wonder if my allergies have anything to do with that? They aren't bad and only happen when I do certain things so that's nice.

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Jane said...

LOL @ Kitty Timeout.

Sorry about you feeling dizzy. :( I wonder what that's all about.