Thursday, June 16, 2011

Playing with Clay

I have been playing around with clay a lot lately and this little bow is just the most recent thing I have made. It has a magnet on the back of it and is now sitting on my fridge. I have also made a butterfly magnet and a forget-me-not magnet as well. The butterfly is going to a dear friend of mine who is up from Texas visiting and the forget me not went to a lady I know who works at the video store down the street from here. I liked the way it turned out but it was the wrong shade of blue, it was too dark but she loved it so I let her have it.

I need to get busy and get my brothers birthday gift made for him. It too is going to be made out of clay, I just need to sit down and make it. But his birthday is still over a month away so I have the time but I just might need all that time to get the shape right and everything. I like to make sure I have plenty of time to get it right.

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