Saturday, May 7, 2011

Trimming off Vacation Sickness

It's getting closer and closer for Richard and I to go to California for a week, we are in the final stretch of days, 5 days to go, and we are both getting sick. UGH! So Monday I am going to call my doctor and see if I can get in and get some meds, cause it feels like a freaking sinus infection creeping in. I can't believe this, well yes I can, every freaking time I go out of state I get sick right before I go. EVERY STINKING TIME!

Today I chopped off quite a few inches of hair and got a few layers at the ends put in. My hair is now to about mid shoulder, man o man does it feel lighter and is going to be so much easier to take care of. Plus it should take half the time it used to, to dry after taking a shower, which will be really nice. I can still pull it back into a ponytail as well which is what I wanted as well so it all works out.
I just had way to much hair and it was a pain to brush out everyday, took forever to dry and had to pull it back to do damn near everything because it got in the way. I think I will now try to get regular trims so it doesn't get so long again.


Deb H said...

Do you rinse every day? If you don't you should start! It really helps.

Thank you Steph for your kind words, & love. I feel even worse for your loss, as I was very lucky my Dad had such a long life.Warm hugs my young friend.

Deb H said...
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