Monday, May 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Richard and I had a blast down in California, the week went by so fast that I just wasn't ready to come home but I knew we couldn't stay any longer. While there Grandpa got out his trains and we played with them out in the garden. We had 3 trains going at once at one point and I was able to get the above picture of two of the trains.
I was thrilled that these two pictures turned out so well. I tend to like the one above a bit more then the other but given that I chose to take the second picture at a tricky part of the track I do like how the train below looks.
While in Sacramento we went to a place called Leatherby's which is well known for their ice cream. I got Grandma's Sundae and man o man was I surprised at how big it was. I lovenly call it the what the hell was I thinking sundae. That sucker was huge! as you well can see in the picture below. I finished it all cause I wasn't about to be out done by Richards grandparents who finished all of their ice cream. This place also makes their own caramel sauce which was to die for. They even sell the sauce in jars and had I had a bag to check you better believe that I would have bought a jar or two to bring home with us.

I did get sunburned pretty good while down there, right before we left in fact, so I am still recovering from that, I looked like a lobster the first 2 days but now am starting to turn brown. Today is the first day I can actually wear an actual shirt instead of my tanks. My upper arms still hurt when I move around and do certain things but hopefully here soon that will go away as well.

Kramer was thrilled to see us when we came home, he was loving on us, following both Richard and I around the apartment and meowing up a storm. Apparently Saturday night he was laying on me while I was asleep and I told Richard to get Kramer off of me, I don't remember this at all but that really doesn't surprise me either, I was pretty tired that night.

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