Monday, May 30, 2011

Fun in the Sun Week

Thursday I went to the Zoo with my friend Paula and her two girls, we went and saw the baby polar bear that was orphaned by its mom earlier this year. Man o man was she cute! Not the best picture of her but not a bad one either.

The brain won't let me sleep so here I be, blogging of course. My sunburn is tons better, sadly I burned myself pretty well on my chest and have a few small sores but they are on the mend. I really have learned my lesson, I don't want to be in that much pain EVER again, so sunscreen and I will be best buds for now on in the summer months. But as Richard loves to say, I have color now, so for awhile at least I won't be a pasty ass white girl.

Richard and I are going camping Friday when he gets off of work, we will be back on Sunday. I'm so looking forward to going, it will be my first time tent camping. I went camping with my neighbors as a teen but that was in a motor home so this will be a new experience for me. I'm sure I will enjoy it, cause I love being outdoors in the summer. I have gotten some of the big ol marshmallows and gram crackers now I just need some chocolate bars so we can do smores while sitting around a fire. I never have really done smores before. I have roasted marshmallows before but that was just at home in the fireplace that doesn't exist anymore, or in recent years with a lighter and a toothpick.

Richard is back to 4 hours a day again at work. They hired on the 2 people they needed to fill in the empty spots. I wish he could of gone longer withe the 8 hours a day, but at the same time it works out cause he gets off work at 9am so we can beat the traffic Friday when we go camping. Hopefully here when he reaches 6 months of working there he can apply for a full time job at the Home Depot that's just down the street from us.

Richard and I went on a 3 mile walk on Sunday on the coastal trail, I had fun but man am I hurting a bit today, it was down hill at the beginning and uphill on the way back. We saw a moose while walking and going up hill about killed me. Then today mom and I went and walked the boardwalk at Potter's Marsh, which was fun as there were ducks and birds to watch. So I had a pretty good Memorial Day Weekend. It could only have been better if our friend John had come to dinner on Friday, like he said he would but he forgot and went gold panning instead so he missed out on homemade oatmeal raisin cookies. We are going to re invite him to dinner this week and I will make some peanut butter cookies this time.

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Jane said...

Camping sounds fun! And I wanna see a moose! Take your camera on the walks. :)