Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vacation in 3...2...1...

It's 5am and I have been up since 4, why? well because the alarm went off and woke me and now I'm excited about leaving tonight for California. Plus, since I am up so early I will be tired on the plane and sleep from Anchorage to Portland, or well that's the plan, if that actually happens I have no idea, we will have to wait and see.

Richard ended up packing his bag last night so he wouldn't feel rushed when he got home from work today and forget something. He placed the clothes he is going to wear on the plane on top of his bag last night, when I got up and came out into the living room, I found Kramer laying on them. I don't think he wants us to go.

Well I need to go get my long, slow day started. I still need to pack, clean a few things, check us into our flights and make sure that everything is ready to go for tonight.

This will be my last post till May 22nd. So until then, may the force be with you :-)

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Jane said...

Have fun for all of us!!