Sunday, April 10, 2011

April Showers, bring May flowers

Mom made it back from her trip safe and sound last night, she had a great time and like all people when they come back from vacation was happy to be sleeping in her own bed at last. I'm glad she is home, and glad that she had a fun time while in Seattle.

While mom was on vacation I managed to get a cold, I got it from Paul a family friend, who was nice enough to share his cold not only with me but also mom, Josh and Richard. Sadly I am the only one who can't shake the dang thing. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to get some meds cause once again like usual it went to my ears and my ears are plugged up. I want to be able to hear when we go to California next month.

We went out to Richards parent's house out in the valley today to visit for a few hours, we ended up watching of all things golf. I have never been so bored in my life. Thankfully I had the dogs to play with. Munchkin is so cute and full of energy, we all believe she has springs in her back legs cause that little dog can jump! Charlie wasn't feeling to good, he got into a dog fight earlier this week to protect Munchy, the neighbors dogs came over to go after her and Charlie got in the way to protect her. He doesn't have any puncture wounds but poor boy has this huge swollen spot on his neck, he is on pain killers and antibiotics, just looking at it made my neck hurt and I feel so bad for him but I'm glad that he put himself in the way and that he also didn't get hurt any worse than what he is.

We are having "typical" Alaskan weather for spring, it keeps snowing on and off and melting and getting up to like 50 degrees during the day, so messed up. It was actually hailing earlier today. Never fails every April for the last few years it snows a couple times the first half of it then finally goes away and summer shows up. I hope it shows up soon because the city is ugly right now because of dirty snow. I know we have all heard the saying April showers bring May flowers but I don't think it was referring to snow showers. :-)


Jane said...

Oh look...a tiny little white ball just landed on some grass. Shhh! Now we walk...

Deb H said...

Thanks for the weather update Steph!