Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ding Dong,The Wicked Witch is Dead!

My DVR appointment went pretty good actually, I explained my side of things that She who must not be named had told my councilor, and her and I decided that she who must not be named is not the right person to be helping me out anymore. She is just to scatterbrained and isn't teaching me how to work a certain website so I can look for jobs. Mahala (dvr councilor) is contacting a different lady that she thinks will be a better match for me. One that will actually include me in my job search instead of doing it for me and not letting me have a say in applying for jobs or not. I'm glad Mahala is on my side, turns out that She who must not be named kept complaining to Mahala about the fact that I wanted to avoid talking on the phone at all costs. Mahala got her to stop pushing that subject with me because people with hearing loss don't like to talk on the phone a lot because of the fact that they might not catch everything that someone says, and that its my right not to talk on the phone because of my hearing loss and to respect that. Any one who knows me knows I have a hard time with my hearing, specially if I'm sick and that I avoid having to talk on phones or going out anywhere in general till I can hear again. Just ask my mom, she hates when I can't hear cause she has to repeat herself a lot for me to get everything she has said. Of course it would be easier if she didn't walk away from me when she is talking to me, but that's just mom. :-)

Life back to normal, well almost.

So our friends have now moved to Georgia so our lives have almost gone back to normal. My apartment looks like a tornado went through it cause we have all this extra stuff in it at the moment. Mostly food and trash. I am going to work on cleaning it up later today. We have also starting going through all of our stuff and getting rid of the stuff we don't use or need. We have to much crap in our apartment so I guess you could say we are decluttering the place. Yesterday we ended up filling up half the dumpster here at the apartment and that was just some stuff from storage and a few things from the spare closet. We are just working on the spare room at the moment which is also sort of storage. I'm sick of having so much stuff that we don't need. Plus when we move, less stuff to pack up and go through. I thank the friends we helped move for getting both Richard and I motivated enough to go through all our stuff.

I survived my weekly meeting with She who must not be named. I get a two week vacation from her cause she will be out of town. YAY! that means I don't have to worry about finding a place to park downtown near her office and at a parking meter. Sweet relief. Only had one problem with her in this last meeting, she tried kicking Richard out of the meeting. Saying it was awkward and that the meeting was just between me and her, I want him in there with me and that is my right. I mean why now after him sitting in on the other meetings does she try to kick him out? He is a big part of me being able to have a job, he has the right to have input into it because he is the one that is going to be driving me to and from work, he knows me better than she knows me, I want his opinion in the matter. It's only fair.

Other than that, I'm trying to get back into a routine again, this last week has been very hectic and stressful, poor Richard has a sinus infection so he isn't feeling very well. He is on meds though so he will be feeling better shortly. I have a meeting at DVR today, which I'm not really looking forward to cause I know why we are having this meeting, its because of what she said to my councelor when she talked to her earlier this month. I thought it was rather odd to have two meetings with her in a month cause I usually only ever have one meeting at DVR a month.

Monday, September 20, 2010

fun weekend and gearing up for battle

This weekend was busy but fun. Friday we had my friend Mandy and her boyfriend over for dinner, then after Dinner Richard and I went over to a different friends place and had a few drinks with them and didn't get back home till 2:30 Saturday morning. We then had those friends over for breakfast and spent the day with them and didn't get back home till about 10:30 Saturday night. Sunday Richard and I traded in some video games that we never play, and took my backpack over to mom's house so she could pack it up with her clothes for her trip to California that she is on.

I have survived another week of she who must not be named and am getting ready to do another battle with her on Wednesday. I really don't know how much more I can take of her, poor Richard is at the end of his rope with her already. That's saying a lot cause he is a very patient person. Then on the 30th I have an appointment at DVR which has me a little worried only because I had a meeting there at the begining of the month and usually only have one meeting a month or every couple of months with them. I am wondering if She called them and complained about me or something. I might just bring up schooling and see what they think because well there just aint any jobs up here for me.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Job Search Continues

I didn't get the job. I had a feeling after the interview that I wasn't going to get it and I didn't. They were going to call yesterday if they wanted me or if they couldn't make up their mind and wanted me to come in for another interview and well they never called. Which is fine cause that just means there is a better job out there just waiting for me. If I don't find a job, well then I will start thinking even harder about going back to school. But I really only want to do that if there is a way I can do that with out having to take loans out cause I am not going put Richard and I in debt. I just wont do that.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Job Interview

I went in today and did my data entry assessment/test. I completed it in 14 minutes and 17 seconds. I felt pretty good about it and figured I either did really well or stunk to high heaven. They told me once they looked it over and basically graded it that if it was good I would get a call to set up a time to come in for an interview. I gave my friends a call saying I was done and they came back by to pick me up and take me home. I get home, change out of the clothes I wore to the assessment and turned on the xbox to play a video game and as soon as I am about to play the phone rings and it's them asking me to come in next week for an interview!! So Tuesday at 3pm I go in for an interview, so I must have done a good job on the data entry assessment. I am stoked I can't believe I heard from them so fast. I was thinking I wouldn't hear from them till next week if at all, and they called me maybe a half hour after I left there!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Job Search Update

Got a call today from the one and only company I have applied at so far. They want me to come in on Friday and do a data entry assessment/test thing which is the next part of the job application. I guess if I do good on that I might get another call asking me to come in again. So now I am nervous about doing a good job at the data entry, I tend to be a bit slow in entering it in but I make up for it because I am accurate. SO I hope I do a good job. It's a part time job but the hours are 20-39 hours a week, which I could so handle. and the pay is good. Plus they have a great benefits package, which is nice. But we will just have to wait and see.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mending Fences

This last year has been hard on me, not in the way most of you think, it was hard on me because I was missing a part of me, a part I thought I could be with out, well it turns out I was wrong. I just hope it's not to late to fix what happened. My head and my heart have been fighting against each other all year. So many times I wanted to find a way to contact the friend I cut out of my life because she pissed me off in one conversation. I would find myself going man I want to talk to her, she would totally get what I'm going through or she would know what to say to make me laugh. I didn't realize till today that I do in fact value our friendship, it just needed to be reworked and new boundaries set up.

There have been days, where I wish I could of called my friend up and say hey if you aren't busy you want to come over and hang out for a few hours? Or even just chatting on the phone with her. I know I ranted and raved about her when I ended the friendship but really it was petty stuff that I should of just found a way to talk to her about. She indeed was a great friend to me when I needed her the most and even though there have been gaps of us not talking for one reason or another we always found a way to connect again. I hope my stupidity and stubbornness didn't ruin it.

I have grown up a lot this last year, I didn't know I needed too but looking back I was just as childish as she was in that conversation. I just hope she forgives me.

To The Anonymous Commenter on my last post

If you are who I think you are, you will probably read this so here it goes. I want to know why you left me that message after not talking for almost a year. If you are who I think you are, you really made me pissed with how you handled things the last time we talked. I am willing to talk to you on yahoo as of right now. I am a bit leery of where this might go and how we will handle things. So lets just take it slow, like I said I am not against talking to you on yahoo, you know my name on there. I still have you on my list, so if you don't have me still on yours, sign on and I will message you.

I don't mean for this to sound mean, I'm just stating how I feel. I hope we can work something out.

As always,


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall fun

Fall is in the air, the air is much crisper now and well the State fair is going on. Richard and I went last Saturday. It rained while we were there but it was fun none the less, I always enjoy going to the fair. It's only a matter of time now till the leaves start really changing color and then the temperature drops and snow starts to fly.

The ringworm that has plagued my foot is finally gone, I'm glad to be rid of it. It really didn't bug me but was just a pain to take care of. I have a really hard time remembering to take meds or put ointment on, I just plain forget to do it. I'm trying to get better about remembering these kinds of things and I have made some progress.

The job thing is going slow, I have applied for one job. Or well She who must not be named applied for a job for me. I don't have to deal with her till next week and am already starting to dread it. I don't think I will be getting a job any time soon. She told me about some of her brain storming ideas and she has no clue who I am or what I would like to do. This is an on going battle that I don't know how much longer I can last in. Never mind the fact that parking to see her is a big pain in the butt. It's way to expensive to pay for parking and the parking meeter isn't any better. I am going to talk to the lady at DVR about this to see what she thinks about the parking issue, cause we just can't afford to do this every week.

I think the leak in the bathroom has been solved. Maintenance hasn't been back yet and it's been over a week since they were last here. I hope they come and finish up the bathroom so I can stop worrying if they are going to show up during the day or not. In other apartment news, our rent is going up yet again. UGH! It went up last year in June and now it's going up again. Pretty soon Richard and I won't be able to live here if it keeps going up.