Monday, September 20, 2010

fun weekend and gearing up for battle

This weekend was busy but fun. Friday we had my friend Mandy and her boyfriend over for dinner, then after Dinner Richard and I went over to a different friends place and had a few drinks with them and didn't get back home till 2:30 Saturday morning. We then had those friends over for breakfast and spent the day with them and didn't get back home till about 10:30 Saturday night. Sunday Richard and I traded in some video games that we never play, and took my backpack over to mom's house so she could pack it up with her clothes for her trip to California that she is on.

I have survived another week of she who must not be named and am getting ready to do another battle with her on Wednesday. I really don't know how much more I can take of her, poor Richard is at the end of his rope with her already. That's saying a lot cause he is a very patient person. Then on the 30th I have an appointment at DVR which has me a little worried only because I had a meeting there at the begining of the month and usually only have one meeting a month or every couple of months with them. I am wondering if She called them and complained about me or something. I might just bring up schooling and see what they think because well there just aint any jobs up here for me.


Mandy said...

Yes, you should try the schooling thing. Most of the time they're okay with helping with that. It's all a very frustrating process, I know!!!

Deb H said...

2 posts back. Call your friend!

Now, say yes to any schooling. You never know when it will be just whatyou need.

As far as the Frosty friends, this set is minus te old ones your mom needs. It's starts in 1982. I already knew about her collection, we've had that conversation.