Saturday, August 7, 2010

Playing with Puppies is Hazardous to your Health

My In-laws got a new Boston Terrier her name is Munchkin and she is about 8-9 weeks old. Dad brought her and Charlie by yesterday so I got a picture of them. Richard and I decided to go out and visit with his mom today and play with the puppy. His mom decided to have him help her with something down in the barn and I stayed in the house to play and keep an eye on Munchkin. She needed to go outside and potty and since she hasn't learned to go down stairs yet I picked her up and walked down stairs to get to the back steps. I made it down the steps fine but seeing as how it has been raining all summer there was a muddy spot and I managed to find it and slip on it. I was still holding her at the time I started to fall and so I twisted and my right side landed on the edge of the steps but I managed to hang on to her and she didn't get hurt. If I hadn't of twisted and just fell I would of lost my grip on her and she would have gone flying and I didn't want to hurt her so I figured better me than her. I wont be surprised if I have a bruise in the morning on my ribs cause I landed pretty hard. But I was rewarded with a puppy kiss so all is good. hazardus

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