Friday, August 13, 2010

A foot problem

I took this picture on Monday night, I happened to look down at my foot and saw that I had this splotch/ circle thing on my foot. I got a little freaked out and called mom, she stopped by on Tuesday before work to look at it (god I love having a nurse for a mom) touched it told me she didn't know what it was and to keep an eye on it and if it got any bigger to go to the doctor. Well it's now friday, it hasn't gotten any bigger and has faded out but you can still see it. It's warm to the touch, or well I think it is, like it was on Tuesday and it hurts now. Not like a rash kinda hurt but like the bone is aching. This all started after I took a shower this morning, my foot did not like the water hitting it at all and has been aching all day.

I don't know what caused it either, I didn't drop anything on it, didn't smack in on anything, in fact the only thing I did this last weekend was go out to the valley on Saturday and fell but that was on my right side, I didn't land on the top of my foot, I didn't even land on that foot at all. I'm going to tell mom about this ache and see what she says, I might just have to go to the doctor after all and see what the heck this thing is.

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Jane said...

I could've told you that's ringworm! Get better soon!