Friday, August 6, 2010

the ever expanding hole

I noticed this bubble in the ceiling Monday night. Tuesday Morning I called the landlord and told her about it and asked for Maintenance to come out and look at it. By the time they got to us on Tuesday the Bubble had gotten bigger but I didn't have a chance to get a pic of it.
So, they poked a hole in the bubble and water came out, which means there is a leak, so they cut a hole into the sheet rock. Which is the picture above. While doing this, the guys ladder slipped in the bathtub and he broke the faucet and water start coming out and the poor guy got soaked. He leaves another maintenance guy comes in and gets the water turned off and starts fixing the bathtub faucet. Two hours later they leave (this is after 3 of them show up to work on the faucet), having not quite fixed the faucet all the way but enough so if we needed to we could take a shower and turn on and off the water but we had to push a screw in to turn the water completely off. No biggie, we just didn't use the shower that night. They told me they would be back on Wednesday.

Wednesday rolls around and They don't show up till like 4pm are here just long enough to finish fixing the faucet and tell us they will be back on Thursday for the leak.

They show up on Thursday, cut the hole even bigger(see picture above) to try and find the leak. No luck, its not coming from anything down here in our apartment so they have to go looking for the leak in the two apartments above us that share the same wall as we do. They cover the now expanded hole and say they will be back. So today is the 4th day of this hole in the ceiling and this horrid smell of stagnant water in the bathroom that comes out into the apartment so we have to have a candle lit just so we can't smell it in the living room. They still haven't shown up but they usually show up around 2pm here so I have a few hours to wait, hopefully they can get this fixed before the weekend. They don't work on the weekends and I really don't want to have this hole in the ceiling all weekend either.

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