Monday, March 29, 2010

Bunches of stuff

Tomorrow Starts 3 weeks of job assessment for me, I will work Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 12-4 for those three weeks. I am only doing part time because that's what Dvr wants me to try first when I actually apply for jobs is to go part time and if I can manage that and think I can do more to see if I can't go full time with the job that hires me. I don't get paid for the 3 weeks of work that I will be doing which kinda in a way sucks cause it would be nice to have the extra money but I don't mind volunteering my time. So I am moving on up and getting even closer to getting a job.

I have my check up appointment today for my toe, to see how well it's healing. I am back in my regular shoe which is oh so nice cause I am not limping any more do to difference of height of the shoe and sandle thingy that I had to wear. Hopefully the doctor likes how it's healing.

I spent over $350.00 on work clothes on Friday so I have stuff to wear to the job that I'm volunteering at cause I am to treat it like I am actually a paid employee. The nice thing is, is that it wasn't my money or mom's money, it was money from DVR.

Richard is back on his day shift, thank god, it was so nice to be able to sleep with him next to me in bed the last two nights, talk about a good nights sleep. Actually would have been better if Kramer would stop sleeping right next to my head.

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Jane said...

But don't you want to wear the fashionable doctor's boot? ;) Haha.

Glad things are going well job-wise. Let us know how the first day is. What is the job?