Saturday, April 3, 2010

Glitter in the air

As requested here is some details about the job I am doing for 3 weeks so I can get the assessment and actually get a job that pays me. I am working at CHD which stands for Center of Human Development. I am basically just learning the ins and outs of basic office work. I am in the middle of a project. Well in all honesty I am filing papers for the Behavioral clinic that they have there. I am over half way through the papers and have two paper cuts. All the people there are super nice and I am so far enjoying working there. On the first day I got a tour of the building was filled in on a bit of what they do and started helping my supervisor get her papers organized, this is another on going project for us. The second Day I was at a research meeting for my 4 hours of work and let me tell you I was bored to tears. But I manged to stay awake through the whole thing. So all and all I survived my first week and am actually looking forward to going back there on Tuesday and start all over again.

Today I finally got to the tailor and my pants are being altered so I can wear them and not look like a child playing dress up in their parents clothes. They will be ready on Monday, then I will take a picture of me in one of my office attire outfits and let you all see me all spiffed up.

I am actually enjoying myself, I figured I would be a nervous wreck and not enjoy the job. It's not as structured as I thought it would be but so far it's not bad either. I think I would like a little bit more structure though, I need to know what I am doing when I walk in there everyday so I don't get freaked out. I think I chose wisely when I decided to do a back office kind of job, away from lots of people but still around people at the same time. Not having to work with the general public or answering phones. I just hope we can find a place that needs a person like me. I also hope that I can manage the next two weeks and not get stressed out. It would be sweet if CHD could hire me but seeing as how they are a non profit I doubt that will happen.

I can now TOTALLY understand how my mom feels about having to come up with and cook dinner after getting off of work. I am only working 3 days for 4 hours a day but still when I get home I just want to relax and not have to do anything. I think on the weekends I will decide what we are having for dinner during the week so all I have to do is come home change and make it. Which will be better then coming home and having the what's for dinner debate every night, I can just say oh we are having this for dinner if you like it or not. :-)

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