Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Next Step of a new year = a new me

Yesterday Richard and I decided that we needed to join the gym again, so last night Richard and I drove over to Planet Fitness and signed up again. When we originally joined we went on quite a regular basis, then he went on over nights and we just got out of the habit of going, so we canceled the memberships and I personally had regretted it ever since. In just a few minutes we will be getting ready to go do our first work out. I am excited about going, yes you read that right I am excited about working out. I do better if we go to the gym then trying it on my own at home and trying to convince Richard to go for a walk. We will start going every other day then work up from there. I have weighed myself this morning so I will be able to keep up on how much weight I have actually lost.

The work assessment is over, I think it went really well. The reason I say this is because they want to hire me to actually work there. Which is totally cool, cause I loved working there and all the people are really nice and its a laid back work environment. It's just up to the lady who had to assess me on the job and to DVR if i can work there. I am so hoping they let me work there. If not I think I will quit working with DVR. I would be a temp but I'm fine with that. It would be part time but I would be paid to work there instead of volunteering my time. So that's another thing going right this year in a new year = a new me. This is so MY YEAR!!!!

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Jane said...

I'm so happy for you! You are totally on the right track. :D