Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Toe knitting nightshifts

Today at 3pm I go in to see a podiatrist about my right big toe that's been infected since November. It's an ingrown toenail that just wont get better, I thought I had it fixed a couple of months ago when I was able to get the nail out from under the skin but the nail was broken so as it grew out the part after the break went right back under the skin. I am in lots of pain when it gets bumped or stepped on or when I even mess with it to clean off the puss that oozes out of it. So hopefully after today I won't have to worry about it and it gets better.

I have started a new adventure into knitting. I have been able to knit scarves for about 5 years now but wanted to try something new. I am knitting a blanket for myself, it's going ok. I have made a few mistakes but since this blanket it just for me it doesn't bother me. Plus you learn through your mistakes, I already know I can't knit blankets and watch tv cause I get distracted and goof up. I will post pictures when I get more of it finished then what I have already done.

Richard is working 2 weeks of overnights which is hard on both of us. He doesn't like working overnights because he leaves me alone at night and would rather be home asleep with me then working. I don't like the overnights because I don't sleep well with out him in the bed with me. I have gotten to the point that I can't sleep unless he is snoring. I turn into a very light sleeper when he isn't in bed with me, I hear every little noise and creak the apartments make. I sleep with my cell phone next to me and a metal bat next to the bed on the floor. I know when he comes to bed in the morning because all of a sudden I'm sleeping better and deeper for a few hours till I get up. Though I am still extremely tired through the day. I call or text Richard right when I am about to head to bed so he knows that I'm ok and that I am going to sleep. It puts his mind at ease knowing I am safe and in bed. It's just something I have always done when he works overnights and I will always do it.

Till my next blog, be safe, and have fun.

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Anonymous said...

glad he was able to fix ur toe! :D ~tara