Monday, March 1, 2010

Origami getcha, and rantings of a makeup less person

It's puffy bunny time! I have been dabbling in origami for a while now, still can't do really complicated ones yet but they easier ones aren't much of a problem. I think these bunnies are just to cute. plus an easy way to decorate for Easter. I know its early but I was bored so I wanted to see if I could do them. I can also make a few different kinds of boxes, a turtle, a heart, boats, hats, cups, dogs and cats.

In other news, I have a cold. It's not a bad one yet, just a runny nose, a cough and sneezing for the most part. I feel a little run down today but I hope it doesn't get much worse then this. I can't afford to go to the doctor right now, as I am trying to save up so I can go to a foot doctor to have them look at my toe.

On the whole getting a job thing, I am where I have been for the last couple of months, no where near getting a job and close to getting a job at the same time. The lady that I have to meet with on a weekly basis is driving me up the wall. I have met with her 5 times now and we do the same thing every freaking meeting. She forgets my resume, tells me that she is waiting to hear back from people to see if they will let me volunteer my time at their job place so I can see if I like the the area of work I am trying to get into, telling me that I need self confidence but then telling me I need to wear makeup, giving me backhanded compliments like I like your hair pulled back like that it makes your face look longer and thiner. What I hear is, it makes you look less fat. She tries to pry into my personal life, notice I said tries, she doesn't get very far cause I don't see how it's any of her business. She thinks I'm depressed and need to be on meds, I'M NOT!!! I don't look forward to going there at all. I rather get shot in the leg than deal with her. Plus she makes me dress up to see her, she wants me in my new work outfit she picked out for me and have make up on.

This lady even told me that I should dress up every once in a while when Richard and I go out, I responded to her that I wasn't going to get all done up just to go through the drive through at taco bell. She pestered me about why I don't talk about my dad, then tells me that who ever raised me taught me wrong about not having to put make up on to go out, she says you need to put makeup on every time you leave the house! UGH!!!!!!!!

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Jane said...

This lady sounds like a bitch from the freaking 50s! DEMAND a new person handles your case. Tell them she is asking personal questions, making comments on your physical appearance, and (most importantly) is not making ANY progress on getting you a job.