Sunday, April 26, 2009

A trip around the rink.

Kenai trip 032

I started out not liking this picture of me at all and have now grown to like it. Its actually not a bad picture of me. This picture was taken at the look out in Kenai for Mt Redoubt. Richard and I went Monday. then Richard, my friend Mandy and I went again on Tuesday, this picture of me was taken on the Tuesday trip.

Kenai trip 014

this picture and the one below it were both taken on the Monday Trip. I don’t know why but I love this picture of Mt Redoubt off in the background I guess a lot of it has to do with sun reflecting off the ocean.

Kenai trip 011

close up view of Mt Redoubt Steaming up the place. Both the trips where a lot of fun and I actually want to go back again. It was just so Beautiful there.

In other news Richard and I went to two Aces Hockey games, one yesterday and one today. The Aces won both games, yesterday was 3-0 and today’s final score was 8-2. I had a great time at both games, of course now my throat hurts and my voice is all scratchy cause I was yelling and cheering on my team like any fan would. My cow bell got quite the work out as well as my voice and the arm that held it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Expensive Shoes = happy feet

                   expensive shoe

That is a picture of my very expensive shoes. those shoes cost my mom $245.00! The reason she bought me these shoes is I have Plantar faciitis in my left heel. These shoes will help me get rid of it and also help me loose weight, by working out my legs, back and stomach. Give it up for multipurpose shoes! The best way to describe the shoes is that it simulates walking on sand, by rocking your foot as you walk. Plus you walk heel first in them and that’s how I naturally walk so its not that much different for me. Mom heard about these shoes from a lady at her work who swears by them and I can see why, I love them they don’t hurt my foot when I walk in them. Plus the soles are so thick that I’m taller while wearing them.

Easter was a lot of fun, Richard and I went to mom’s house for dinner. Mom cooked a ham, her sweet potatoes that she learned how to make thanks to Deb, and green beans. It was a nice family dinner, my brother was even there because Arby’s was closed for Easter. After dinner Richard and I talked mom into playing a game of Phase 10. Where she proceeded to kick our asses and win the game, it was her first time playing the game! Mom just got lucky is all, no wait we let her win, yeah we let her win. Seeing as how there is no way to let someone win that game I am just being funny. But she had fun and so did we.

Today will consist of me going back over to mom’s house to do laundry. Richard will come home for lunch and take me over so I can get it done while he finishes the rest of his work day. I really kind of enjoy going over to moms for laundry because I can hang out with Josh (my brother), just the two of us and either play video games or watch something. Mom likes it too because we never used to get a long and now we are becoming friends instead of enemies. I think she likes it because there is peace in the house because we don’t fight anymore.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blast from the Past

So as some of you might know, I have a half brother, I don't really talk about him that much cause well there really isn't much to say. He isn't in my life at all, last I heard he was living in Florida. But he has an ex wife with whom he has two girls with. I have a total of 3 nieces I have seen all 3 at least once, the oldest twice. Anyways Mom and I haven't talked to Meike in 9 years, we just sort of lost contact with each other. Well today mom checked her email and had an email from you guessed it Meike! Oh yeah the two oldest nieces live in Germany with their mom, Rebecca is now 15 and Melissa is now 11! mom forwarded me the email and I replied to it as well. It would be so cool if I could be an aunt to them, as best as I could be that is since they live thousands and thousands of miles away. SO I am hoping that Meike will stay in contact with us and let me be Aunt Stephanie.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

These are the Days of my life.


Thought I would share a picture Of Kramer to show that he is alive and well and as big of a pain as ever. He loves to lay on the blanket that is folded up on the end of our couch, I think he thinks it’s his big soft squishy bed.

Dvr is just a pain in the ass now. I know its supposed to help me but so far all its done is take money away from us.  I got the test results back and as I expected I did great in everything but math and spelling. It also showed that I don’t have very many interests. Which is a lie, it’s just that the test didn’t have any of the things I liked to do on it. So they are making me take more tests my next one is on April 17th then after that I have another one but that one I don’t know when I’m taking it. I know they need to know what I am good at or what I like but I freaking need a JOB! Plus mom is going to be out of town so Richard has to miss another day of work because of DVR. I don’t like this, So far I feel like they are just yanking me around seeing how long I will last with them before I give up on them.  I Hate that it’s taking so long. I knew it was going to be slow but I had no idea it would be this slow.

Spring is in the air, well sort of. There is still a tone of snow on the ground but the days are getting longer and brighter, now just just get the snow gone. I want summer! I want to go outside and soak up the sun and take pictures of beautiful things. Its so ugly here right now the snow is dirty from ash and dirt and puddles are everywhere. sigh.

I am thinking of throwing a party for by birthday this year. I don’t know why but it just seems like fun to have a bunch of friends over to celebrate me turning 26 years old. Of course only draw back is that I don’t have that many friends so I don’t know how many people would show up. Needless to say I am debating it still and its still 3 months away so I have plenty of time to make up my mind.