Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

I have tried to avoid this post but I can't avoid it anymore so here it goes. December 10th was my dads birthday, he would have been 62. It's hard for me to imagine my dad being 62, a lot of that is because I can only ever remember him as how he looks in that picture with me.
Its weird how the brain works, like I have said in other posts sometimes it feels like I never had a father at all, like he was just a figment of my imagination and other times it feels like I had him around. It just depends on the day I guess.
I am so my fathers daughter its unreal, I look like him, have his since of humor, and his temper. I also have his smile. My mom every once in a while will say there is no question that you are your fathers child. Usually after I have cracked a joke that would have been something dad would have said.
The one thing I wish I didn't get from dad was his temper, it gets the best of me sometimes and I hate that. Of course the fact that I have my moms attitude and my dads temper doesn't help that matter. And if any of you knew my dad and know my mom you know how well those two things mixed together work, not very well. Its a good thing I have a handle on it for the most part. It takes more to get me mad now then it did when I was a teenager.
But its time for me to end this post. So I will end it the only way I know how. Happy Birthday Dad!

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Deb H said...

I love this picture Steph. I can remeber hearing you on the radio with your dad, all those years ago before I ever knew you. He was my all time favorite DJ. We always listened to him every morning. I was sad when we heard he had died.
It was also funny how long I knew your mother before I put 2 & 2 togehter & realized that he was the Dennis Evans we had always listened to. I'm so sorry he had such a short life. It must feel like you were cheated. There isn't much you can say that can make it any better. I miss my mom too. I always feel like I've been given a gift when I dream about her. Like she stopped by for a little visit.