Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh the weather outside is Frightfull

Here is a picture of Kramer being a bad cat, he isn't supposed to be laying on the tree skirt. My mom made that tree skirt for my grandparents and when they died she got it back. We have used it since I was 6 years old, so its very old. She is letting me use it but we don't want Kramer to ruin it.
Isn't that just a pretty picture I took that when it was snowing here like last week or so ago. I posted that picture to also let you know that as I sit here typing this out the computer says its 1 degree F. out. Which means where I live its below zerro. that translates into freaking cold. now if it was 10 below or colder out thats when it becomes just Damn cold. I'm sitting here with a nice warm cup of tea, slippers on and a nice big ol comfy sweater on. So I am nice and toasty warm.

Mom got her new dishwasher, fridge and oven today, she seems pretty happy with them her new fridge is quiet a bit bigger than her old one so its pretty empty at the moment. Her dishwasher will get put in some time this following week, when Richard's dad can come over and do it.
Kramer is also not liking the cold weather, he is spending most of his time either in his cat tree, curled up in a chair or sleeping under the blankets on our bed, poor fuzzy lumpkins.

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Jane said...

That picture of Kramer is so cute! At least he doesn't sit IN the tree like Ivy does. :rolleyes: