Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sugar Overload

I have so many sweets over here at the apartment Richard and I might
just slip into a sugar coma by the time New Years rolls around. We
have fudge from his dad, Cookies that mom, my friend Mandy
and I made on Sunday, a plate of goodies from
Bev and Terry who are family friends
A Whitman's Sampler from the neighbors upstairs and to the left of us
Isn't this just the cutest tin!
You open the tin and theres Fudge! the best dog bones
are filled with fudge! Never mind that its homemade and oh so yummy
The plate of goodies from Bev and Terry, the chocolate covered
cherrys are to die for!
The Cookies that mom, Mandy and I made. There are M&M cookies,
Chocolate chip cookies, the Pillsberry sugar cookies with Snowmen and reindeer,
Plus Peanut butter cookies with Hearshy Kisses flavered in,
Hot Cocoa, candy Cane, Mint, Cherry and Carmal
All the sweets besides the Whitman's Sampler, Oh yeah the top Right
hand corner are the best Rice Krispy treats out there! My mom got the recipe from a friend
and on the top left hand corner even more fudge! I feel like I have gained
10 pounds just looking at the pictures! I graze on all this stuff through out the day
after Christmas Richard and I are going to go back to the gym and work off all the sugar.

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