Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby it's cold outside

it is a very lovely -8 out right now, your breath hangs in the air and freezes to your nose. We are supposed to get to -18 tonight Yippee skippee. I hate it when its this cold out because as soon as I walk outside and breathe I start coughing, I have been this way since I was a baby. Never fails either, it gets below 0 and I take my frist breath and a coughing fit happens. I want to say its because I have a very mild livable case of asthma, how true this is I don't know but I'm blaming it on that.

So its so cold that inside our apartment on the windows is ice, I kid you not, our windows are frozen shut by a good inch or so of ice on the inside. For us to even consider to open the windows we would have to stand there with a hair dryer for at least an hour per window. We have also come to realize that this upcoming spring/summer we will need a new front door. Our door is warped so it doesn't close right. Basically warm air excapes and cold air gets in which causes ice to form on the side of the door itself and twice now we have had to either kick the door to get into the apartment from the outside or pull extremly hard from the inside to get out. Plus there is a lot of frost on the outside molding of the door. I will take pics to show you tomorrow when its light out.

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