Thursday, January 1, 2009

a look back at 08 and a look forward to 09

Well its the first day 0f 2009 and all I can say is where did last year go? So here is a look back on 08 and a look forward to 09. January of last year found Richard and I moving yet again for the 5Th time. We moved back to the apartment complex that we origanally started out in when we moved into Anchorage after we were first married. same apartment number as last time just 2 buildings down from the first one, so same layout and everything.

July I celebrated my 25th birthday. Nothing fancy just dinner with the family. Hard to believe that I am 25 turning 26 I remember being 6 and thinking I would never be 18. July is also when Richard and I joined a gym. We went for a while and I lost weight. then he had to do overnight shifs and we stopped going and just this last week cancled the gym so we could afford health insurance. I have since gained some of the weight back but am yet again going to try and loose it.

I had a job and lost a job back in the fall. I'm not to worried about it cause I know that when the right job comes around I will be ready for it.

2009 Brings a lot of mile stones I believe. First off in June Richard and I will Celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. Some friends can't believe it has been that long. I am thankfull that we have made it to this milestone. So YAY US!!!

I am also looking forward to a bunch of friends and family having babies, my cousin Jayme and my good friend Kaori are both due in Febuary, my friend Alma is due in April. Plus who knows who else will tell me that they are expecting. One of these days I will make the ranks of mom to be.

Richard and I will also be saving up money to go to California in December to his grandparents Christmas Party. We have been wanting to go for years now and we decided that this was the year to do it. He is saving his vacation up so we can go down for two weeks and maybe while down there go see my dear friend Larry in Long Beach and my Aunt in Grass Valley.

I wish only the best for all my friends, family and all you of course who read my Blog. I hope this year finds you Happy and Healthy.


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