Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Short update on me

Well I got the root canal done today, it went smoothly with out any complications. My tooth hurts a little bit but I was expecting that, I mean you can't go digging around inside a tooth and expect it not to hurt. I will be back to normal tomorrow so no biggie. I have to get used to the way the tooth feels now, its all smooth feeling and there is no chip in it anymore.

I was with out internet for a few days because our broadband tower decided to die on us and they had to ship us a new one. It was weird not being able to just hop on the net when I wanted to. I survived it but I missed talking to all my online friends and being able to check my email.

On to some really good news, Richard and I will soon have health insurance through his work. He decided to see how much it would cost for both of us to be covered and wanted to make sure that my one doctor that I go to who is a specialist would take the insurance and that the insurance company would pay. The doctors office does so thats a good thing. Plus now when I need meds they will be cheaper as well so double woot woot. Plus it only costs us $136 a month, and thats for both of us, can't beat that.


Jane said...

Congrats on the health insurance! I know how precious that is. It's very hard for me to get it, so I have to wait until next year when I get hired permanent.

Hey - I bet you're running your tongue over your tooth right now, aren't you? Haha!

Steph said...

yes, yes I am, you know me too well