Thursday, October 9, 2008

who'd a thunk it

I had talked over what I was feeling with Richard last night. He totally understood what I was going through and yeah he was dissapointed with me but he understood. I had told him that something just didn't feel right there and that I didn't know what it was but it was something. I got up this morning and went into Babies R Us and was talking to the assistant manager and she told me that she was going to let me go because I wasn't R us material. So I left on good terms but it was just funny, because I had felt that something wasn't quite right and I guess it was the fact that I knew I wasn't going to be working there much longer. So I no longer work at babies r us. I'm not mad about it or anything.

On different news its snowing yet again. It snowed a few days ago but melted and now its snowing again so I have a feeling we are in the throws of winter up here. I'm happy I love winter i love it when it snows... It just feels so peacefull when it snows.

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Jane said...

Honestly, I think the working problems are two-fold. I think that your weight is making it physically hard for you to work. But I also think you have a social anxiety problem. Getting vertigo at your other job, and then feeling so stressed about this one is not too normal, and can't all be blamed on the weight.
I would see someone for it. Because I feel like you want to work, but it's just too hard. :hugs: