Saturday, May 3, 2008


So, no new complaints from the people above us, and they started parking in the middle of their spot instead of on the yellow line. But its the weekened and thats when they seem to like to complain so we will wait and see. Hopefully the landlord told them to more or less shove it with the complaints, of course in a nicer way than that.

Poor Richard caught the cold that I am still getting over, it is apparently going around town and doesn't like to go away, it likes to hang on for dear life. I only have a bit of a runny nose and the cough left but they don't seem to want to leave anytime soon. My hearing has basically gone back to normal too I am about 80% back to what it was before I got sick so almost there.

In other news worth talking about. My mom is in Grapevine TX for the next week. She is there for a conference and well mini vacation. Lucky her! I have always wanted to go to Texas but have never been able to get there. Maybe one of these days I will. I also have a spiffy new cell phone. My contract was up with my provider so mom and I went and got new phones and are now on a nation wide family plan so we share minutes between her, Richard and I. Its cheaper that way. So I now have a Motorola Razor and like it a lot, I'm still getting used to it but its so much lighter than my old phone (which Richard has) that I don't even notice I have it till it rings.

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