Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sleep the final frontier

Its 11pm do you know where I am supposed to be??? The answer is in bed, but here I sit talking to Jane through yahoo messenger wide awake, while Richard is snoring in the next room. I'm not the least bit tired which is weird seeing as how I was bored all day and that usually makes me tired enough to go to sleep but not tonight I guess. Plus to top it off I have a headache that won't go away unless I go to sleep. So no matter how you put it I'm screwed. Looking on the bright side at least the cat is leaving me alone. and its peaceful and no complaint from them yet. *knocks on wood*

Its May, its May, the wonderful month of May, OK well what am I talking about I don't know I tend to ramble and make no since when I want to sleep but can't. I will just go on and on about the stupidest things, of course its usually all in my head cause at this time of night there is no one around to talk to. Unless of course you count Jane, but I don't really talk to her I type to her. So its totally not the same.

And so with all this said and not making much since I go in peace, and Live long and prosper and all that good stuff. (and no I don't like Star trek I actually really really hate that show)

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